To Buy Or Not To Buy? The Pros And Cons Of Purchasing A Beachfront Property

23 June 2016
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One of the best things about living on an island the size of Australia is that there is a very long coastline bordering the ocean. Beachfront properties are aplenty as people seek to make the most of a water view, and as someone who can finally afford to buy one of these properties, you are no doubt chomping at the bit to start the hunt with your real estate agent. However, before you get too swept away with the romantic notion of having an ocean view, beachfront properties have both pros and cons about them. Consider these factors before you start mentally moving on in your head.

The Pros Of A Beachfront Property

There are a number of positives about owning a beachfront property, and one of the first that springs to mind is their value. You only have to look at the prices of properties located on Gold Coast's Hedges Avenue (also known as Millionaires Row) to be awed at how much beachfront properties can sell for. While this type of property probably is not in your price range right now, it serves as a reminder that when areas become a hot commodity, like the Gold Coast has, property prices will rise. Beachfront properties will always command a higher price than an inland home because of the view on offer.

The next major positive of a beachfront property is the health benefits it brings with it. Getting outside to go for a walk is not really a hardship when you have the water to walk beside. However, the different types of sand that you walk on will also give your body a workout. Have you ever tried running in soft sand? If so, you'll know that your calves start reminding you of their existence quite quickly. This is because the legs have to work a lot harder on soft sand to keep your body balanced. So, when you go out for your walks, taking a detour into the soft sand will not only get the heart racing into a cardio zone, but it will also tone your legs up in no time.

Of course, before you make any informed decision about purchasing a beachfront property you have to consider the negative problems as well.

The Cons Of A Beachfront Property

Some residents of Collaroy in New South Wales are rethinking their exposure to beachfront living after a number of homes were damaged by a massive storm surge. Large waves carried away the sand beneath the properties, and some of them have been left being useful for nothing but demolition. Sand erosion caused by wind and king tides will help the beach to slowly encroach on your property over time. Therefore, if you find a beachfront property that you love but you are concerned about sand erosion of your property line, pay the extra money to have an engineering report done. It is far better to cover this cost now than to watch your property fall into the sea a couple of years into ownership.

Even if sand erosion is not an immediate problem, beachfront properties can bear the brunt of nature's fury when tropical storms roll in from the sea. Queensland, for example, experiences an average of 4.7 tropical cyclones per year. Tropical cyclones can do a lot of damage when they are packing maximum strength winds. Therefore, you need to make sure that a beachfront property is well insured against storm damage just in case a cyclone crosses land near your home.

Beachfront properties aren't for everyone, but now you have considered the pros and cons, you can ask your real estate agent to show you the properties for sale in your area. If you do decide to proceed with such a purchase, hours of gazing out over the ocean awaits your future.